NetNewsWire 5.0a4

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.

Status: our to-do list for 5.0 beta is just documentation. We have no known bugs to fix. Please help us find more bugs!


Sidebar: fixed a bug where a drag-and-drop that triggers an error could make the app unresponsive.

Timeline: fixed sorting when two items have the same publication date. Added additional criteria so the sort is stable and predictable.

Timeline: small avatars (16 x 16 favicons, for instance) are now centered on a gray background. Looks a bit better.

Added How to Support NetNewsWire help menu item.

AppleScript: read/unread and starred status are now read/write via scripts.

Updated to the latest Sparkle — the thing that does these in-app version upgrades — which has better support Dark Mode. Also, it might fix a bug where Check for Updates… is sometimes not available when it should be. (Maybe.)

NetNewsWire 5.0a3

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.


Fixed crash happening only on macOS 10.15 beta. We owe Apple a bug report for this one.

Fixed a crash that could happen when finding a feed.

Skip showing error dialogs on automatic refreshes.

Immediately show the refresh progress bar when an OPML import to Feedbin starts.

Added ellipsis to Import from OPML and Export to OPML buttons.

NetNewsWire 5.0a2

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.


Escape HTML in the title in the article view — if there’s HTML in the title, the tags should actually be displayed.

The Mark as Read command in the Article menu now turns into Mark as Unread at the appropriate times.

Feedbin syncing: send locally changed statuses before downloading statuses from the server.

Feedbin syncing: fix bug renaming a folder that has no feeds.

Feedbin syncing: fixed a bunch of accuracy and reliability issues, and a crashing bug.

Fixed issue where local account feed finder could lock UI in the case of an error.

NetNewsWire 5.0a1

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.


Alpha One! OMG.

This means it has no known bugs. It surely does have bugs, though. Now it’s time for testing. (And writing the Help book. And making the website better.)

New app icon! But it might take a while for your Mac to notice and put in the Dock. (I wish we could speed that up, but it’s out of our control.)

Fixed a crashing bug with parsing a response from Feedbin. (Totally our fault, not Feedbin’s fault.)

Fixed several bugs with Feedbin syncing — it’s now more reliable. (We know of no remaining sync bugs, though of course there might be some.)

Show avatars from feeds with multiple authors (such as your personal timeline feed).

Made OPML import to the On My Mac account way faster.

The Today smart feed now updates when the day changes.

You can now drag and drop in the sidebar between accounts.

Made the default file name for OPML exports “Subscriptions-[accountName].opml”

Add explanation text to Account preferences for the Name field. (It’s just a display name and doesn’t affect authentication.)

Added a placeholder web page for the Help book.


The current build has a crashing bug that was exposed by a server-side change at Feedbin. We have a fix for it, and we’ll do a new release tonight.

Note: the crash is 100% our fault, not Feedbin’s fault.

Brad Ellis has been working on a new icon. What do you think? It’s designed to be a modern re-telling of the old NetNewsWire 2 icon.

Modern NetNewsWire icon with blue globe and satellite.

NetNewsWire 5.0d17

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.


NetNewsWire 5.0 is now feature-complete. It has bugs, though, so we can’t call it alpha just yet. Getting close!

NetNewsWire now requires macOS 10.14.4 or greater. It no longer includes the Swift libraries, which makes for a much smaller download, which means it takes up less space on disk.

You can now sync using FeedBin. See Preferences > Accounts to add a FeedBin account. Note: the initial import from FeedBin is likely to take a while, but keeping up should be quite fast.

You can create additional “On My Mac” accounts, via Preferences > Accounts.

Accounts can be made inactive.

Sidebar: fixed a bug updating unread counts in the sidebar when you have duplicates of a feed.

Timeline: scrolling has been made faster.

Timeline: avatars are now on the left instead of on the right. There’s a default globe avatar for when no feed icon or favicon can be found. The default avatar is tinted. Each feed gets its own tint.

Detail view: worked around a new WebKit bug that affected the detail view. It would flash empty between articles sometimes. Now it won’t.

Help menu: a new command takes you to the signup page for the Slack Group.

Help menu: removed command to donate to App Camp for Girls, since the donation page has been removed. Once we know how we can continue to support their mission, we’ll do so.

OPML Export: asks for the account first.

Here’s take two of the timeline wireframe. Added big title, room for unread/starred indicator, and First Unread button.

NetNewsWire iOS timeline wireframe.

Take 2 of NetNewsWire feeds list wireframe. Adds pull-to-refresh, Mark All as Read, header for Smart Feeds.

NetNewsWire iOS Feeds list wireframe.