Here’s take two of the timeline wireframe. Added big title, room for unread/starred indicator, and First Unread button.

NetNewsWire iOS timeline wireframe.

Take 2 of NetNewsWire feeds list wireframe. Adds pull-to-refresh, Mark All as Read, header for Smart Feeds.

NetNewsWire iOS Feeds list wireframe.

Presented for feedback… Here’s an initial go at a wireframe for NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS’s feeds list view.

Wireframe plus notes for NetNewsWire’s for iOS’s feeds list.

In 2009. NetNewsWire Premium, at $1.99, is top paid app in the news category. The free version is #12. In those days the App Store was still available on iTunes for Mac.

Screenshot of App Store showing NetNewsWire Premium as top paid app in news category.

Here’s Maurice’s work on the timeline. Again — not designed! Just a quick port of the Mac code. Don’t take this as a teaser.

But still, cool to see iOS progress!

Screenshot of NetNewsWire timeline ported to iOS.

This is not what NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS will look like.

We haven’t actually started designing it yet.

But: Maurice Parker, who’s been helping a ton with the Mac version, took the weekend to get a proof-of-concept iOS app running.

(Again, to be clear: this is a quick weekend’s work, not a teaser of the app design.)

Screenshot of NetNewsWire 5.0 Feeds list

Screenshot of NetNewsWire 5.0 Detail view.

Internal builds of NetNewsWire no longer embed the Swift libraries. App size went from 18.4MB to 6.9MB. Very cool.