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You heard it here first.

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NetNewsWire 5.0a4

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.

Status: our to-do list for 5.0 beta is just documentation. We have no known bugs to fix. Please help us find more bugs!


Sidebar: fixed a bug where a drag-and-drop that triggers an error could make the app unresponsive.

Timeline: fixed sorting when two items have the same publication date. Added additional criteria so the sort is stable and predictable.

Timeline: small avatars (16 x 16 favicons, for instance) are now centered on a gray background. Looks a bit better.

Added How to Support NetNewsWire help menu item.

AppleScript: read/unread and starred status are now read/write via scripts.

Updated to the latest Sparkle — the thing that does these in-app version upgrades — which has better support Dark Mode. Also, it might fix a bug where Check for Updates… is sometimes not available when it should be. (Maybe.)