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NetNewsWire 5.0.1d1

The first post-release test build is up! NetNewsWire 5.0.1d1.

Remember that, if you want to get test builds, you’ll need to set your preferences: open Preferences and click Advanced in the toolbar, then make sure “Test builds” has been chosen.

Also remember that test builds have bugs! If you want to stick to release builds only, we totally understand.


(Probably) fix a crashing bug having to do with a callback being called more than once, when it was designed to be called just once.

Preferences > General: add checkbox to hide the unread count in the Dock.

Article pane: handle figures and iframes as we do images, so they fit in the view.

Article pane: fix white flash on first article load while in Dark Mode.

Enable the Open in Browser command only when a single article is selected.

Detect RDF (RSS 1.0) feeds that lack an XML header.

Parse Atom-style dates that are missing a T character in the middle.

About window: add link to NetNewsWire website.

RSS parser: don’t let author/title overwrite item/title.

Deleting an empty Feedbin folder no longer makes the sidebar non-responsive.

Updated the UI when a Feedbin user with an expired trial creates an account in NetNewsWire.

Feedbin syncing: fixed a bug where starred articles could appear as unread.

Microblog Mac app sharing: when it has to launch the app first, it waits a little longer before sending it content, which should fix a bug where sometimes you get no content in that case.