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You heard it here first.

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NetNewsWire 5.0.3b1

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We’re making it faster! And fixing some bugs.


Performance enhancement: fetching articles from the database is faster, and sometimes much faster.

Performance enhancement: syncing could block the main thread more than it should. We moved JSON decoding to a background thread, which fixes this. This is particularly noticeable during an initial sync.

Keyboard shortcuts: the ’s’ key toggles starred status. The ‘r’ and ‘u’ keys now both toggle read status (instead of setting read and unread status, respectively).

Articles view: articles where the feed icon is quite large would be slow to render — now they render as fast as other articles.

Articles view: a bug where keyboard shortcuts wouldn’t work after giving the articles view focus has been fixed.

Articles view: YouTube videos could end up small. Fixed.

Articles view: fixed a bug scaling images to fit in the view.

Feedbin syncing: fixed a bug where renaming a tag on the Feedbin site would result in feeds in NNW ending up at the top level.

Help menu: fixed the expired Slack link.