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NetNewsWire 5.0.3b2: Faster, Imports NNW3 Subscriptions

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Significantly enhanced performance during syncs and refreshes.

When running for the first time, and the user previously used NetNewsWire 3, it will automatically import NetNewsWire 3 subscriptions instead of the defaults for new users.

You can also import NetNewsWire 3 subscriptions via the new File > Import NNW3 Subscriptions… command.

Fixed the space bar when running on Catalina. It wouldn’t advance to the next unread — now it will. (This was due to a change in JavaScript in Catalina.)

Fixed a crashing bug having to do with async database fetches for the timeline.

Periodically empties the articles cache that was added in 5.0.3b1, so its memory use doesn’t just keep expanding.