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You heard it here first.

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NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS: New Public TestFlight (Build 26)

First build of 2020!

If you haven’t signed up for testing, see this page for instructions.

Changes in this build:

  • Feeds: filter button now at bottom-left, a la Mail
  • Feeds, Timeline: progress indicator is now animated (smoother)
  • Feeds, Timeline: says Updated Just Now instead of reporting seconds
  • Timeline: how supports pull to refresh, includes progress indicator
  • Timeline: filter button now at bottom-left, Mark All as Read now at top-right and is graphic instead of text
  • Timeline: context menu now has Mark Above as Read and Mark Below as Read
  • Timeline: fixed unneeded loading on return-from-suspend when there are duplicate feed names
  • Timeline: delete command is now at the bottom of the context menu
  • Article view: blockquotes are less narrow when the screen is narrow
  • Article view: dealt with XKCD. When an image is zoomed, if it has a title, it will appear.
  • Article view: swipe right-to-left to go the next article, swipe left-to-right to go the previous article (you can still swipe from the left edge to go back to the timeline)
  • Article view: improved layout of code blocks in some feeds
  • Sharing: fixed bug with OmniFocus and Things sharing — uses subject now, not just URL
  • Feedbin syncing: fixed a bug where articles marked read could be marked as unread (an order-of-events issue, where pending status changes still needed syncing)
  • Fixed bug where the app was displaying articles with a pubDate newer than 90 days, where it should be looking at the arrival date