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You heard it here first.

NetNewsWire for Mac icon: globe with a satellite in the foreground.

NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS: New Public TestFlight (Build 28)

If you haven’t signed up for testing, see this page for instructions.

Changes since the last build (about 10 days ago):

  • Mark All as Read now displays a confirmation. You can turn this confirmation off in Settings: see “Confirm Mark All as Read.”
  • Enhanced our dark icon detection: it now only considers non-clear pixels.
  • Feedly: syncing now uses less bandwidth and is faster.
  • Feedly: fixed bug with missing articles.
  • Feedly: fixed a timing bug that could let read articles become unread.
  • Feedly: adding a feed no longer requires that you have at least one folder.
  • Feedly: fixed a mystery KVO crash by writing our own operation queue.
  • Feeds: fixed bug in Dark Mode where a cell’s background color could be incorrect after drag-and-drop.
  • Feeds: update the list when appropriate and filtered to show only unread.
  • Feeds: fixed crash that could happen when renaming a Folder.
  • Timeline: fixed back swipe animation so it won’t show the navbar under the articles list.
  • Timeline: you can now clear read articles by doing a refresh — if you turn on this feature in NetNewsWire settings. (It’s off by default.) See “Refresh to Clear Read Articles.”
  • Timeline: exit search mode if Go to Feed is chosen.
  • Timeline: make it possible to get the keyboard out of the way when searching so you can select the last results in the list.
  • Article view: preformatted and code blocks now scale with Dynamic Type.
  • Article view: code blocks no longer allow auto-hyphenation.
  • Article view: now handles universal links, so sometimes a link might open in another app on your device.
  • Article view: fixed bug where Reader icon wouldn’t animate on initial article view for feeds that are set to always use the Reader view.
  • Article view: fixed bug with “Always show Reader view” where it wouldn’t fall back to article view on failure.
  • Article view: fixed bug on iPad where the app could become unresponsive after rotating while an image is zoomed and the image is dismissed.
  • Article view: fixed bug where scrolling might scroll more than the visible view.
  • Article view: blockquotes now have a leading left border, to make them easier to see.
  • Article view: Feedbin tweet articles now include a separator between tweets and inlined articles.
  • Article view: Feedbin tweet articles with a video no longer show the videos as very small.
  • Article view: it now reloads fully on Dynamic Type changes.
  • Article view: fixed bug where sometimes the article view wouldn’t support Dynamic Type.
  • Article view: YouTube videos no longer obscure Newsfoot footnotes.
  • Article view: fixed bug where the web view could get confused. We just swap in a new web view periodically.
  • Article view: date/time is now always the permalink.
  • Feed info: tapping home page URL now opens home page in web view.
  • Sharing: fixed bug where sharing to OmniFocus would add an extra line break to the title.
  • Multiwindow support: fixed some layout issues.
  • Alerts with a button called “Dismiss” now use “OK” instead.
  • Progress view now updates with Dynamic Type changes.