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You heard it here first.

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NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS: New Public TestFlight (Build 34)

If you haven’t signed up for testing, see this page for instructions.

Changes since Wednesday’s build:

  • Fixed a crash caused by laying out the progress view when it’s not in the view hierarchy.
  • Fixed a crash when using keyboard to move up the Feeds list past an account that was collapsed
  • Fixed a crash in the share extension
  • Fixed a crash when deallocating a table view header
  • Feeds: fixed bug where unread counts could be cut off after rotation
  • Feeds: fixed bug where you couldn’t pull to refresh if your finger was in an account header
  • Timeline: fixed bug with Feedly feeds with RTL text — some HTML code could show in the timeline
  • Article view: fixed a bug where a zoomed image could corrupt the UI after rotation
  • Article view: fixed a case that could cause images not to get loaded