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NetNewsWire 5.0.1 for iOS

NetNewsWire 5.0.1 for iOS is up on the App Store. Enjoy!

Changes since 5.0:

  • Feeds list: fixed a crash that could happen if you tapped really fast on a feed inside a folder in the middle of collapsing
  • Feeds list: now automatically applies the read filter when a feed reaches zero unread
  • Feeds list: fixed issue where unread count for smart feeds was sometimes not updated
  • Feeds list: disclosure buttons interact with the iOS 13.4 cursor
  • Feeds list, timeline: progress indicator bar is better behaved when refresh is done multiple times rapidly
  • Timeline: read filter now applies immediately at the start of refresh when “Refresh to Clear Articles” is enabled
  • Timeline: posts without title or content are better formatted
  • Timeline: empty rows are the same height they would be if content were available
  • Timeline: header button interacts with the iOS 13.4 cursor
  • Timeline: fixed cell reuse issue that caused incorrect icon backgrounds to be displayed on occasion
  • Article view: fixed a bug where the zoomed image could be of lower resolution than expected
  • Article view: fixed accessibility label for zoomed image close button
  • Article view: limited width of title view when an image is zoomed (for the XKCD folks)
  • Article view: zoomed image close button is no longer 2 pixels too narrow
  • Article view: footnotes handle more footnote types
  • Article view: table based HTML layouts used in newsletters look better
  • Article view: fixed issue where non default dynamic type sizes could cause the article view to use the default size incorrectly
  • Article view: share and reader buttons are disabled if the link to the article wasn’t provided by the feed
  • Article view: max article width now restricted to make articles easier to read in full screen on the iPad
  • Article view: added a small amount of space above and below images so they don’t run together
  • Article view: image zooming lways shows the full image
  • Article view: zoomed images are always centered
  • Article view: fixed crashing bug that could happen when using the next unread button
  • Article view: fixed a bug where, after leaving and returning to the app, the web view could be empty
  • Settings: added title to Add Account screen
  • Settings: fixed navigation stack position bug after canceling adding a Feedbin account
  • Settings: fixed bug where “Feedly” would stay highlighted after canceling prompt for sign-in
  • Settings: added ability to manually select the color palette (light/dark/system)
  • Settings: Account login fields go to next field on return key press
  • Settings: switches are better aligned
  • Syncing: fixed bug where background status sync wouldn’t fire consistently upon returning to the foreground
  • Syncing: fixed bug that could cause synced accounts to have older unread articles removed
  • Keyboard: added keyboard shortcut for Read Feeds filter cmd-shift-F
  • Keyboard: added keyboard shortcut for Read Articles (Timeline) filter cmd-shift-H
  • Keyboard: added Clean Up keyboard shortcut that removes read items from the timeline. cmd-‘
  • Revised retention policy for on-my-device accounts: articles are kept if they are in the feed or less than 30 days old
  • Fixed bug where keyboard focus could be lost after returning to NNW from another app or the Safari view controller
  • Fix bug caused by iOS 13.4 that prevented swiping back to the Timeline when in Full Screen
  • Scroll position and Reader View state is now preserved when leaving and returning to the application
  • In page RSS feed detection now normalizes the URL
  • Feeds that have to word “podcast” in them are now deprioritized in the automatic feed finding algorithm
  • We now send the correct user agent string when fetching RSS feeds
  • Improved efficiency and performance of feed image scaling
  • Improve performance when saving articles returned from RSS sources
  • No longer show default feed icon for feeds that share a common icon
  • Sharing an article no longer puts “See first unread article” randomly in the title field