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NetNewsWire 5.0.2 for iOS: New Public TestFlight (Build 47)

If you haven’t signed up for testing, see this page for instructions.

Changes since 5.0.1:

  • Feeds view: Fixed a bug where marking a feed as read then quickly tapping on another feed could navigate to the wrong feed.
  • Feeds view: fixed bug where feeds that should be hidden by filter weren’t getting hidden fast enough
  • Timeline: VoiceOver reads “unread” before each unread item
  • Timeline: Mark All as Read confirmation is now an action sheet rather than an alert
  • Timeline: fixed bug using trackpad two-finger swipe to toggle read status (in some contexts)
  • Timeline: canceling a search didn’t repopulate the timeline as it should have. Now it does.
  • Article view: mailto links now open the Mail compose sheet
  • Article view: fixed bug where saved scroll position in article could be applied when it shouldn’t be
  • Article view: Space bar advancement in the article view works more like it does in Safari
  • Sharing: now sends title along with the URL when sharing to Buffer
  • Feedly: retrieve new token from Feedly after expiration
  • Feedly: fixed a bug where sometimes removing a feed with Feedly doesn’t work. (We think we’ve fixed it, but we couldn’t reproduce it, so we’re not positive.)
  • Keyboard: Cmd-, brings up settings
  • Keyboard: Shift-cmd-R now shows the Reader view
  • Keyboard: Shift-cmd-S now hides the sidebar
  • Keyboard: Cmd-I now brings up the Info pane
  • Keyboard: shortcut for Mark All as Read now works when feeds list has focus
  • Keyboard: return key opens current article in in-app browser (SFSafariViewController)
  • Notifications: now grouped by feed
  • Notifications: now waits to ask for Notifications permission until user toggles a feed to notify about new articles
  • NetNewsWire now appears in Firefox’s share menu