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NetNewsWire 5.1a2: Test Build with Feedly Sync and More

It’s not beta yet! If you’re concerned about running pre-release software — and you really, really should be (we are!) — then you might not want to run this. 🐣

If you still want it…

Check for updates — if your preferences are set for test builds — or download the latest.

Changes since 5.1d3:

  • Feeds view: fixed bug where unread counts might be misplaced at startup
  • Timeline: fixed extra row of pixels in swipe actions
  • Article view: tweaked some colors
  • Toolbar: reader view button is now not blurry on non-retina machines
  • Toolbar: review view animation looping fixed
  • Inspector: fixed some layout/spacing issues
  • Preferences: tweaked text relating to holding down the shift key
  • Dock unread count: now asks for permission so it can show it