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You heard it here first.

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NetNewsWire 5.1b1

It’s in beta now. But it’s still pre-release software, and if you’re wise you’ll never run anybody’s betas. Not ours, not Apple’s, not anybody’s. Running beta software is free labor for other people — and it’s not always that fun, since bugs can be pretty darn frustrating.

If you still want it…

Check for updates — if your preferences are set for test builds — or download the latest.

Changes since 5.1a2:

  • Articles with non-ASCII URLs can now open in browser
  • Adding feeds with non-ASCII URLs now works
  • Feeds view, timeline: fixed bug where multiple selection could result in showing only unread articles
  • Help menu: NetNewsWire Help now links to the 5.1 help book
  • Inspector: window title now matches name of thing being inspected
  • VoiceOver: fix bug navigating into the Add Account table
  • Fixed crash that could happen when adding an account
  • Preferences: Removed non-working (due to sandboxing) feature for setting the default RSS reader