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You heard it here first.

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NetNewsWire 5.1.2 for Mac

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Changes since 5.1.1:

  • Fixed a crashing bug in the timeline
  • Fixed a background color bug in dark mode in the timeline
  • Fixed a crashing bug updating the browser popup in Preferences
  • Feedbin: fixed bug where credentials couldn’t be updated
  • Feedly: fixed bug syncing feed name changes
  • Feedly: fixed a bug adding a feed to a Feedly collection that has a + in its name
  • On My Mac: increased performance downloading feeds in the On My Mac account

Note: we expect this to be the final 5.x build. Next up will be test builds for NetNewsWire 6. (Yes, we will do another 5.x build if needed, if some critical bug comes up, but we aren’t planning for it.)