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You heard it here first.

NetNewsWire for Mac icon: globe with a satellite in the foreground.

NetNewsWire 6.0d5 for Mac

If you’re running a 6.0 test build, you can check for updates (be sure your prefs are set for test builds). Or you can download the latest build.

Changes since 6.0d4:

  • Added some shadow to the app icon
  • Fixed bug where iCloud account description was truncated in Catalina, in account setup
  • Fixed bug with iCloud account where undoing deletes of read feeds left articles deleted
  • Fixed bug connecting to Inoreader when username has a + character
  • Fixed bug with NewsBlur when all feeds are in folders
  • Fixed long beachball on quit that could happen with the iCloud account (due to a long sync)

Note about iOS: we’re testing on Mac first because it’s easier. We’ll be able to find and fix a bunch of bugs in the shared code before starting TestFlight builds for iOS.