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NetNewsWire 6.0.1 for iOS

NetNewsWire 6.0.1 for iOS is now available on the App Store.

Changes since 6.0

  • Fixed bug where BazQux-synced feeds might stop updating
  • Fixed bug where words prepended with $ wouldn’t appear in Twitter feeds
  • Fixed bug where newlines would be just a space in Twitter feeds
  • Fixed a crashing bug in Twitter rendering
  • Fixed bug where hitting b key to open in browser wouldn’t always work
  • Fixed a crashing bug due to running code off the main thread that needed to be on the main thread
  • Fixed bug where article unread indicator could have wrong alpha in specific circumstances
  • Fixed bug using right arrow key to move focus to Article view
  • Fixed bug where long press could trigger a crash
  • Fixed bug where external URLs in Feedbin feeds might be lost
  • Fixed bug where favicons wouldn’t be found when a home page URL has non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed bug where iCloud syncing could stop prematurely when the sync database has records not in the local database
  • Fixed bug where creating a new folder in iCloud and moving feeds to it wouldn’t sync correctly