History: Code Notes

Below are the unedited notes I wrote to Black Pixel upon turning the code over to them in 2011. (Note: there is cursing.)

NetNewsWire Lite refers to NetNewsWire Lite 4.0.

* * *

Code Notes:

NetNewsWire Lite

This is the good version.

This is the version that uses the shared code that I wrote to use with all versions of NetNewsWire. That shared code wasn’t entirely done. (Some of the other versions have parts of that shared code too. Some have earlier versions of parts of it. They should all end up using the exact same shared code.)

Shared code was stored in two sub-repositories:

RSCore – this was most of it.

SepiaCore – started this when we started Sepia Labs. If I were you, I’d turn these into a single sub-repository rather than using two.

NetNewsWire iPhone

Don’t even look. It should be nuked. Start over.

NetNewsWire iPad

Some of the UI code can be saved, though a ton of it would have to be modified to work with the new shared code and data storage.

NetNewsWire/Mac 3.2.x

This code will make you go insane. It basically represents my Cocoa understanding as of 2005. It’s fucking awful spaghetti. And it’s not fixable – the only way to fix it is to create NetNewsWire 4.0, based on NetNewsWire Lite.

However, you might find some things that are somewhat usable, with modification. The Combined View and tabbed browser aren’t great, but you could use the code as a starting place, at least.