History: Future Features List

When I turned NetNewsWire over to Black Pixel in 2011, I included a big list of features I was thinking about for future versions. Below is an unedited copy of that list.

LSM, in the list, refers to the Latent Semantic Mapping framework. Google Reader was still a thing in those days, and Twitter hadn’t gone completely developer-hostile yet.

* * *

Some features I was thinking about for future versions:

Twitter/Facebook as types of accounts
Multiple Google Reader accounts; treating Google Reader like IMAP
Plugins API for developers
    - sharing
    - observers
    - preferences
    - feed parsers
    - anything else that could possibly be component-ized
Modern version of Sites Drawer -- not a drawer, but an easy way for people to find cool feeds to read.
Panic button -- mark things older than [some date] as read
Extendible search engine feed definitions -- use same definitions as FeedDemon
Expand shortened URLs automatically
Inline video/audio/image-slide-show for enclosures
Flickr (and similar) feeds displayed as grid of images
Configurable keyboard shortcuts
Hide feeds with 0 unread items
Combined View: mark read when it scrolls into view, not on selection
Local (non-synced) account for iOS versions
Specify different themes/styles/views for different feeds
Filters -- like smart lists, but more powerful. Can delete things. Can sort things into bins (pseudofeeds; collections).
Delete article
Tabbed browser for iPad version
User tagging
LSM -- auto-tag.
LSM -- relevance. Not sure it's possible. The idea is using it as the opposite of a spam-catcher -- catch the stuff most likely to interest the user. (Might be that LSM isn't right for that.)
Get recommended feeds from Google Reader
Allow people to share on Google Reader
Show items shared by other people from Google Reader
Readability for web pages
Search within tabs
Sort tabs
Lots more undo support
Sync feed sort order from Google Reader
Download images for offline viewing
Download linked-to web pages for offline viewing
Dates as smart list criteria
Bookmarklet support
Bookmarks for web pages *and* for articles
Sync browser tabs
Use Sudden Termination API
Hotkey to bring nnw to front
Colored labels for feeds
LSM summarize text for articles and web pages
More AppleScript support
JSTalk support
Second pane divider in Mac version would be one pixel -- Lion-like
Better article themes
Website gallery for article themes
Website service for people to share their OPML -- so people can see what feeds other people are reading
Website service for a "like" feature -- you can see what other people have most liked recently. You could maybe follow other people and see what they liked.

### iPhone/iPad only

Mark as Unread
Send to Read It Later
Add/delete feeds
Font/size settings
All Unread folder
Post to Facebook